Software that build the future

Quality construction is the result of a years-long cooperation between many professionals. Buildpoint’s selection includes software and related, client-specific training and support services for every phase of building construction. Our expert staff will assist in choosing and implementing software, training, and it also offers personal support for the software users.

Information is the foundation of modern construction

During the construction project life cycle, a vast amount of information is accumulated, which serves all individuals working on the project. With our services and software, all the necessary information is always easily accessible, secure, and exact. Our experts are proficient in all aspects of the built environment life cycle. Our selection provides just the right application for the buyers, designers, and contractors involved in the construction.

Competitive advantage and quality through training

Planning and information management solutions are versatile software. Once the users have mastered the functionalities of the software, time is saved for the actual work. The objective of the training and local support sessions we organize is to strengthen the users’ ability to use the software, because this results in competitive advantage and increases productivity.

Our software experts offer professional training for the software that we promote or tailored to the client’s needs.

Personalized support and help desk

Software does not always understand the user’s wishes, nor do the users always understand the logic of the software. When that happens, you should contact our support services. Our experienced specialists will help you in questions related to software implementation, functionalities, project work and maintenance. Our personalized and friendly support services cover all the products that we offer.

One-of-a-kind software for your business

Are you in need of a personalized application that is not available off the shelf? Our software experts and developers also build unique solutions. In addition to client- or project-specific software, you will receive personalized instructions for implementation, training, or local support services.

Our software developers also offer their professional services, for example, to integrate the software to the client’s system. We also offer main user services as well as project management professionals for our clients.

Buildpoint is part of Point Group

Buildpoint is a part of Point Group, which also includes Civilpoint Oy, which provides infrastructure sector software and professional services, and AssetPoint Oy, which provides asset management solutions.

Point Group

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